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Related with its presence, mangrove forests provide many benefits to the balance of environment and supporting human life. Mangrove forest benefits can be divided into ecological and socio-economic functions.

The ecological function of mangrove forest are as follows:

  • Act as natural barrier to protect seacoast/land from sea abrasion/erosion
  • Act as natural barrier to reduce the impact of tsunami wave if occur
  • Act buffer zone to prevent seawater intrusion into nearby freshwater source
  • Natural habitat for many species of terrestrial and marine biota
  • Place for shelter, feeding, spawning and breeding for various species of fish and crustacean
  • Source of germplasm and genetic resources
  • Stabilize sedimentation
  • Improve water and air quality
  • Site of the recycling process that produces oxygen
  • Site to absorb and store carbon

  • The socio-economic function of mangrove forest are as follows:
  • Wood products utilization from mangrove tree such as charcoal, firewood, timber pole, wood chips and pulp
  • Non-timber forest products utilization such as tannins, nipa palm products, medicines, honey, etc.
  • Area for fisheries and aquaculture
  • Natural tourist attraction with an aesthetic value that can be found through its landscape and all the life therein
  • Improving the economy of the surrounding communities by providing employment and business opportunities such as: opening food stall, boat rental and tour guide, etc.
  • A place for research and education activities that act as field laboratory
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