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FPM Bali Cleaned Mangrove in Benoa Bay

February 21, 2016

Denpasar, Pos Bali – Commemorating the Trash Day which was held on every February 21st (today), Volunteer of Mangrove Care Forum (FPM) Bali together with the Artha Graha Network employees and...

Gorky surprised, many mangroves are damaged in Benoa Bay

February 09, 2016

Nusa Dua, Pos Bali – World disable Mountaineer, Sabar Gorky, admitted that he was surprised to see so many mangroves in Benoa Bay are damaged even dead. Frankly, i was shocked, from a distance...

Tourism Industry Players Preserve Mangroves

September 28, 2015

ENVIRONMENT – Hotel sector awareness in preserving the environment by planting mangrove treesSource: Bisnis Bali, September 28th 2015. Page 8. Denpasar (Bisnis Bali) – To attract...

Used as Fishponds and Settlement, Many Tahura Land Were Damaged

September 28, 2015

MANGROVES PLANTING – DKPH, AGP, and local community, just before planting mangrove seeds in the former land of mongering ponds in Sanggaran Tahura, Pedungan, South of Denpasar, last Saturday...

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