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Gorky surprised, many mangroves are damaged in Benoa Bay

February 09, 2016

Nusa Dua, Pos Bali – World disable Mountaineer, Sabar Gorky, admitted that he was surprised to see so many mangroves in Benoa Bay are damaged even dead. Frankly, i was shocked, from a distance these mangrove trees look so fine. After we come closer, we can see so many damaged trees caused by trashes and waste,” he told to the media in Bali on Sunday (8/2) while he attend the planting of mangrove trees along with some foreign journalists in the series of activities on the National Press Day.

According to him, local communities need to be socialized about Benoa Bay mangrove forest’s benefits for the safety of Bali Island and the people itself. “The Balinese have to realize, this is their home, the place where they must care for nature and environment,” said Gorky who lost a leg in an accident.

Therefore, socialization is very important especially for children. “The kids, they’re the future owners of Bali Island. Starting from now they must be taught to love the environment,” he explained.

Being asked about Benoa Bay revitalization (RTB) plan as the solution, Gorky assess that RTB must also be socialized to children that lives around Benoa Bay. "Socialization of  Benoa Bay revitalization for the junior high school children can train them to be more sensitive to communicate with nature," said the mountaineer who has climbed the Mount Elbrus (5,633 asl) in Russia, Kilimanjaro (5,685 asl) in Africa, Carten (4,848 asl) in Papua, and is currently preparing to climb the Mount Aconcagua (6962 asl) in Argentina. 003 / is

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