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Tourism Industry Players Preserve Mangroves

September 28, 2015

ENVIRONMENT – Hotel sector awareness in preserving the environment by planting mangrove trees

Source: Bisnis Bali, September 28th 2015. Page 8.


Denpasar (Bisnis Bali) – To attract tourists, the Ministry of Tourism of Republic Indonesia said will rely on nature potential for marine tourism, ecology and adventures. Executive Assistant Manager of Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel, Pandu Djojoadisoeprapto, on Saturday (26/9) said that the tourism industry players must show awareness to nature and environment including mangrove forest as one of the cantilever of coastal tourism.

            He expresses that the preservation of mangrove forest is an effort to keep maintaining Bali’s nature. Even though Bali has a unique culture, but when the nature is damaged, there will be no more tourists who will come and visit Bali.

Pandu gives examples, that the condition of mangrove forest in Benoa Bay these days is quite worrying, the damage in the coastal area of Benoa, partly caused by the opening of mangrove ecosystem for fishpond, settlement and others. Considering these condition, then it is necessary to immediately improve the coastal environment, which one of it, is by planting mangrove sustainably.

            Management and employees of Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel (DKPH), Artha Graha Peduli with Forum Peduli Mangrove and local community, Saturday (26/9) were together hand in hand in planting mangrove trees in order to fulfil “DKPH Employees Devotion Month” in a series of DKPH 35th Anniversary event. The mangrove planting activity was started with cleaning the coastal area that took place in Sesetan area, South of Denpasar. Kup

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