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Conducting mangrove REHABILITATION by establishing mangrove nursery to grow mangrove seedling, cleaning mangrove forests from various types of waste that are damaging to the environment, and planting mangrove trees into the degraded forest land.

Education and Socialization

Conducting EDUCATION AND SOCIALIZATION on the importance of mangrove forest through education and implementation to student and community, seminars and events, media campaign, and outdoor activity by working together with government, NGOs and private sector.

Surveillance and Monitoring

Conducting SURVEILLANCE AND MONITORING in mangrove forest area such as boundary protection, sea and land patrol, boundary stone maintenance, surveillance infrastructure improvement.

Research and Development

Conducting RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT through identification of mangrove forest ecosystem and ecotourism potential, internal human resource Improvement, and publication of research product.

Community Employment

Conducting COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT through Small Medium Enterprises development that related to mangrove forest utilization and provide assistance on promoting their products.

Save Mangrove, Save Earth

Mangroves Need Your Help. Are you ready to volunteer?